It amazes me that you think you still have an opinion at this point...

I figured I should test out uploading pictures and get a feel for all this business. I recently returned 
from a trip with the boys to Voyageurs and, vomit and maggots aside, a good time was had by all.

We missed out on pictures of camp, any of our food, the liberal volume of
booze, and the considerable amount of vomit (courtesy of Buttons), but we
did end up with a few decent animal encounters and a cliff jump session that
ended with Buttons being called a pussy by a pudgy 10 year old.

*Side Note: Park Service lake maps are not to scale, and that shit sucks...


I had to shit in a cup today...

I started this to keep everybody up to date with my travels and experiences abroad. So far there isn't much to write about aside form the fact that its incredibly time consuming and arduous to get an employment visa for the Kingdom. 

Dealing with everything Saudi is very draining on one's patience. Even in this modern age of instant communication, the 8 hour time difference negates any benefits of emailing back and forth because a response usually takes more than 24 hours. Add to that a society that doesn't follow the Gregorian Calender or its work week means inconveniences for everyone involved when trying to sort out even minor issues. Making things even better is the email address snafu with my visa expediter (that went unresolved for months). In short, I've had a hell of a time getting everything put together so I can fly to Saudi, and the current holy month of Ramadan isn't helping anything either...

Case in point: my medical exam. I understand extensive physicals and comprehensive background checks, but having to take a shit in a cup so the Mayo Clinic can test it in order to prove I don't have cholera seems slightly excessive. The battery of tests I've undergone is pretty impressive: Tuberculosis, Polio, Cholera, Malaria, Schistosomiasis, AIDS, and more. Its slightly reassuring to get negative results for all the tests (not that I was all that worried I had contracted a tapeworm from Central Africa), but what will really be great is when I get all my tests redone this coming Thursday morning because my medical forms weren't good enough the first time around. 

I most likely won't make my scheduled flight, and will probably miss out on mandatory orientation and setting up my classroom, but there is one positive note: I'm done shitting in cups for the near future...