Delta Blues

Spring Break is upon us, and I’ll be doing a fair bit of travelling over the next two weeks. I will be spending a few days in and around Cairo exploring some of the wonders of the Ancient World, then I'll be flying on to Istanbul for the rest of the break to get a little taste of Turkish Hospitality.

It’s a well placed hiatus, and hopefully by the time I return in early April the dust storms will subside and the endlessly clear pale blue skies will have returned.

See you in a few. 

A Blessing or a Curse. Usually Both.

This past weekend we were invited by the Vice President to attend a boat outing and a late lunch at an upscale compound near Half Moon Bay. He’s been reaching out to the Western teachers in an attempt to get to know us better. It sounded like a nice enough time, but as will all things here in the Kingdom, ideas differ from reality.

It was intended to be a relaxing leisurely outing that would give us time to get to know one another, and it was made perfectly clear to everyone that it wasn’t a compulsory event. As such, it was a bit of a poor showing by the western staff members who were invited because for as demanding and needy as they are with the VP, they hardly if ever actually take the time to see him face to face. Granted, he is a bit of a knob head and has a tendency to forget names, but he isn’t that bad of guy to sit around and have casual conversations with. In our many meetings with him the Brit and I have learned quite a bit about his personal life, what he likes, what his pet peeves are, and how to get him to agree with what we think (or want him to think). We were planning on using the opportunity to move some of our personal initiatives along, but in a sudden turn of events the VP sent the Brit to Bangkok and we had to rethink our strategy. It didn’t help that the morning of the soiree half the people who were going backed out, and it wound up being just a core group of teachers and the administrators. 


Zhind de Bhad Pakistan

A few weekends back, I had the opportunity to go to Dubai. It was put together by the Paki and was basically an excuse for him to skip a day of work to attend one of the England vs. Pakistan* cricket matches, but it was a surprisingly good trip.

*Because of the safety concerns for players and fans, but more so because no foreign teams are actually willing to play in the country, Pakistan plays all its home games in Dubai.

Downtown Dubai


Lions into Lambs

We've had a bit of an unusual week here in the Kingdom. There's been a mix of odd weather recently including a few light showers and very high winds. Yesterday evening a large sand storm rolled in from Kuwait and, as luck would have it, school was cancelled due to low visibility and poor air quality. A day off to catch up on things is a nice break from the ups and downs of the past week, but it’s a sure sign that the full force of the summer heat will be here soon.

Spring has Sprung


True Colours are sometimes best left Unseen

Life is continuing as usual here in the Kingdom, though the past two weeks of school have been quite interesting. I’ve been continuing my ‘Deputy Principle’ duties which basically amount to daily confrontations with the South African to keep him on track as he continues his charade as ‘principle’ then delegating the tasks he should have completed months ago to everyone else. Its worked out fairly well and there has been significant progress, but, as with all change in Saudi, sorting out one set of problems immediately creates another.

A vacant lot near the School.