It is what it Is

Next week marks the start of the last leg of the school year. The slog through the final three weeks will begin, and if this past week is any indicator of what’s to come, life shouldn’t be too rough.  


You never really get away...

A short work week has past, and after trying, and failing, to lounge around the pool in the 112 degree heat I figured I might as well post an update.

Over the previous long weekend I was fortunate enough to spend 5 nights in Barcelona. More than anything, it was a great way to relax before starting the last remaining month of a busy school year. The trip started off on the wrong foot with unnecessarily loud flight from Dammam International early Wednesday morning, followed by a long layover in Cairo. Even though I had attempted a promise to myself never to fly with them again, I ended up flying EgyptAir because of a number of time constraints, but more so because I’m cheap. I wound up landing in Barcelona without much incident and without spending too much at the bar in Cairo International, so it wasn’t all bad.

 The Suez Canal

Egyptian Breakfast of Champions


Numbers, Swear Words, and Beer. That's all You need to Know.

Just as I was getting back into routine and feeling like I had everything sorted out, an opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t pass up. Posts will be light for the next week or so. I’m spending an extended weekend in Barcelona.

Sometimes we all need a little change in the monotony (or lack thereof) in life. I’ve awoken to a minaret everyday for the last 8 months; it’s about time for a break.

And some bacon.   

See you in a few.


Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Given my lack of updates over the past few weeks, I sat down with my computer last night hoping to start a new post or two. I ended up encountering a bit of a mental wall. As my fingers sat ready on the keys I tired in vain to think of a good opening sentence. My mind kept wandering. Lost in thought, my eyes glazed over. For a solidten minutes or so I sat motionless, completely oblivious to the world around me. I was absorbed. Absorbed in something, that, up until now, hadn't frustrated me enough to want to write about. But last night was different. Try as I might, I couldn't rid myself of the ever growing disdain I’ve developed for my roommate. I didn’t intend on spending my free time ruminating over this seething hatred, but after having spent nearly every moment of my life, night and day, for 8 months with such an incredibly perfect example of a blundering idiot, I couldn’t help myself.

This hasn't always been the case.