A Good Rest is Half the Work

Having been through the interesting day to day deterioration of school that occurred last week, I spent the majority of this past weekend avoiding responsibility while attempting to restore my sanity. It worked out well enough, and there were only a few awkward phone calls and email exchanges with the Californian while I sat around the pool on Thursday. As validating as it is to try to elaborate on all the finer details of the work your superior should be doing himself in hopes that he can do his job come the start of the week, it isn’t really all that relaxing working through someone else’s problems while soaking wet and half in the bag. The Brit and I called it a night early, though clearly accomplished in our mission of more than a few drinks and plenty of poolside ogling.

Late Friday morning we set out towards Half Moon Bay to meet up with a friend of the Brit for an afternoon by the sea.

We stopped for a bit at the Holiday Inn while we waited for the Vet, as he was our only way of accessing the Aramco Yacht Club where we planned to spend our day.

Not quite what you'd expect in Saudi.

The weather was beautiful, although hotter than it had been in recent days, and the beach was entirely deserted aside from ourselves and the cadre of Filipino lifeguards manning the boathouses.

The Brit and the Vet

The last of the Jelly Season

A balmy 34 (95 Fahrenheit for those of you stateside). 
The Brit was worried about the thermometer getting wet, to which the Vet replied, 
"That thing's been three feet up a horses arse; I sure hope its waterproof."  

 They don't feel as squishy as you'd think, and these lil guys 
don't sting, they more or less just tingle.

Its experiences like these that keep me attracted to living in this place. At times its hard to fathom being able to spend weekend afternoons indulging in a lifestyle I thought I’d only see well into retirement, especially in such an inhospitable place surrounded by a culture as incredibly different as Saudi.

The downside is that Saturday morning comes with a huge slap of reality, and the culture that enables such enjoyment shows its other, much more inept (and sometimes inbred) side.

Hurry up and wait for next weekend I guess.