From Oxford Dictionary: Diversion: an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns.

One of my fourth graders came up to me yesterday morning after I got done talking with the Brit in the hallway.

Student: Mr. S, what this word shite?
Me: It's how British people say shit. You shouldn't say it.
Student: Ok... Mr. S, what is shit?
Me: It's a swear word that means crap. You shouldn't say that word either.
Student: Oh. Like we not say fuck?
Me: Yes, fuck is a swear word too.
Student: Ok. You want I tell class not say shit or shite or fuck?
Me: No. I would prefer that you didn't.
Student: Ok Mr. S. You tell me time, and I say to class. No problem.
Me: Thanks Osama, I'll keep that in mind.

A great lesson to out start the week.


Perfectly Ridiculous

Over the course of the last year I’ve learned quite a bit about myself. Personally, it’s mostly just the reaffirmation that I’m not the friendliest person in most situations and that I have to work a little harder than most in social situations. Professionally, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined.

I didn’t start out intending to be an elementary school teacher, but over the course of the last 7 years I continually dug myself deeper and deeper into that choice. I’ve been fortunate in that every experience I’ve had has been relatively positive, but after moving to Saudi and developing my professional demeanor, the reasons that keep me in education have changed dramatically. I like being a teacher (most of the time) and I consider myself to be very competent in chaotic, atypical, less than perfect situations that most people would choose to avoid. However, I can’t see myself being a teacher for the next 35 years. I’d rather be an administrator. Luckily, I’ve had plenty of inadvertent experience working towards that goal.