From Oxford Dictionary: Diversion: an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns.

One of my fourth graders came up to me yesterday morning after I got done talking with the Brit in the hallway.

Student: Mr. S, what this word shite?
Me: It's how British people say shit. You shouldn't say it.
Student: Ok... Mr. S, what is shit?
Me: It's a swear word that means crap. You shouldn't say that word either.
Student: Oh. Like we not say fuck?
Me: Yes, fuck is a swear word too.
Student: Ok. You want I tell class not say shit or shite or fuck?
Me: No. I would prefer that you didn't.
Student: Ok Mr. S. You tell me time, and I say to class. No problem.
Me: Thanks Osama, I'll keep that in mind.

A great lesson to out start the week.