From Oxford Dictionary: Diversion: an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns.

Student(tugging on my cardigan): Why you wear this?
Me: Because it's fashionable.
Student (tugging on my suit coat): But you already wear this...
Me: Yes, but I'm cold.
Student: I cold too, but I not wear this like my grandfather.
Me: Yeah, but you just wish you could look as good as your grandfather.
Student as he raised an eyebrow: ...No...
Me: You don't think I look good?
Student: ...You look like my grandfather.
Me: Yeah, but I'm willing to bet your grandfather is a pretty suave guy. You just wish you looked this good.
Student: .........
Me: I look good, right?
Student: .........
Me: Right?...
Student:'...You look old.


Spur of the Moment

Several months ago we had our Eid Holiday. Although I usually look forward to extended holidays, I hadn’t originally planned anything. It was as that time when I had started diving head first into administrative duties, and the first half of the break was a welcome reprieve from teaching to focus on other matters. I put in several days staring at a computer screen and holding meetings with the inept members of administration, and quickly realized I needed a break. As luck would have it, Girl and the Paki were trying to put together a trip to Muscat, and I invited myself along one night after a few pints at the Local. Girl and I set out in my car the next morning.

A petrol station just before the Emirati border.


Now Lie in It

Another week has come to an end. As usual, it hasn't been all that particularly interesting or all that far from normal, but Saudi has a way of altering what that constitutes.