Spur of the Moment

Several months ago we had our Eid Holiday. Although I usually look forward to extended holidays, I hadn’t originally planned anything. It was as that time when I had started diving head first into administrative duties, and the first half of the break was a welcome reprieve from teaching to focus on other matters. I put in several days staring at a computer screen and holding meetings with the inept members of administration, and quickly realized I needed a break. As luck would have it, Girl and the Paki were trying to put together a trip to Muscat, and I invited myself along one night after a few pints at the Local. Girl and I set out in my car the next morning.

A petrol station just before the Emirati border.

The Ajman Corniche

Mint Juleps and Thobes. Perfect combination.

We spent a night in Ajman, an Emirate just north of Dubai, thinking it would be a good halfway point and a good place for a well deserved real pint. It ended up being slightly more exhausting that restorative, but it was good nonetheless. The next morning we crossed the interior mountains to Fujairah on the eastern coast of the UAE, then continued down the coast to Muscat. It was a lovely, yet tiring drive.

The Paki joined us the next morning, and for the following 5 days we explored the beaches, bars, and less than touristy parts of Muscat.

We made several trips around Muscat, utilizing my car and the fact that I had already been to most everywhere we wanted to go. I played tour guide for my travelling companions. It isn’t something I particularly enjoy doing while I’m on holiday, but, seeing as the alternative would be to put my safety and sanity in the hands of the Paki, it was probably for the best.

We finished out road trip by driving back up the coast, crossing the northern interior of Oman, and crossing the border into the UAE in Al Ain. It was a stark transition from relatively bare mountains to rolling sand dunes and the desert plains, but there were moments of incredible beauty during the 14 hour drive.

It didn’t end up being nearly as relaxing as I had hoped, but it was nice to spend time with good friends visiting far away, seemingly exotic, places many people can only ever imagine. Looking back, I’m glad I decided to invite myself along. In the time since, Girl and I parted ways so to speak, and we no longer really spend that much time together. We still talk quite a bit at school, but there haven’t been any shenanigans (alcohol driven or travel related) since then. The Paki has finished his rotation with his company and will soon leave for a posting in France. Girl has grown quite frustrated at the lack of effective administration at work and is sure to follow. Or at least attempt to. It wasn’t something I put much thought into until recently, but as time passes, inevitably, people move on to bigger and better things.

C’est la vie Saudia.