From Oxford Dictionary: Diversion: an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns.

Earlier last week I was playing football with my kids because I didn't feel like teaching.

Student: Mr. S, why you get so red in your face?
Me: Because I'm hot from running around.
Student: But we run more than you and our skin not red?
Me: You're not white. I change colour when I'm hot.
Student: Oooh, like this (slithering hand gesture).
Me: Yes. I'm like a magic white chameleon.
Student: No no Mr. S. You look like him (slithering hand gesture).
Me: It's called a chameleon.
Student: No. Like snake, but he have legs.
Me: A chameleon.
Student: No. He change colour.
Me: A chameleon.
Student: No. He have eyes, they go like this (makes his fingers point around his eyes all skewed and cross-eyed).
Me: It's name is chameleon.
Student: I don't know.
Me: It's a chameleon.
Student: You say champion, I say patatas (how Arabs say potato).
Me: Alright then. At least you're starting to understand colloquialisms...
Student: ... Ok Mr. S.
Me: Good. I'm glad we got that sorted.