Sea Change

My apologies for the extended absence. Things have been a little different here as of late. Quite different, actually. Different probably isn't really even the appropriate word to describe the level of change that’s happened, but, nevertheless, things are definitely very different.



From Oxford Dictionary: Diversion: an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns.

A few weeks ago I wrapping things up for the end of the year chatting with some of my students as they were doing their morning work.

Student: Mr. S, why you don't teach science anymore?
Me: I have some other things to take care of because I won't be a teacher next year.
Student: Why you won't teach?
Me: I was asked to be vice principal, so I'm going to make sure next year is better than this year, because this year sucked.
Student: Oh... This is good.
Me: I concur.
Student: .... I don't know that word... Mr. S, if you be vice principal, this mean if I make trouble you punish me?
Me: Yes, basically.
Student: This is good Mr. S... Free passes for meeee.
Me: You wish.
Student: No problem Mr. S, you know me. (Winking) You touch me, I touch you.
Me: It's scratch my back, not touch me.
Student: Oh... (He moved around behind the chair I was sitting in and started scratching my back) You like here? No? More ups, Mr. Mike?
Me: Thanks Nafil, that's enough. Go do your maths.
Student: Okay Mr. S.... Remember, (whispering into my ear from behind) free passessssss.