You Make the Most of It

In addition to the changes in my professional life over the past year, my personal life has changed quite a bit as well.

Around the time Our Dear Leader was starting to show his true color and subsequently guiding our school down the short but steep road of assured destruction, I found myself involved with a girl. What started out with some flirting at work, and a few coffee dates during my breaks from teaching slowly turned into a relationship. By the time I was finally coming around to accepting my fate as a future Assistant Principal, our relationship had evolved into quite the serious affair. Long story short, it came to a point that we sat down to for a serious conversation and, rather quickly, things progressed from there.


Good Things Come

My apologies for the extended absence. Since my last post more than a year ago, my life here in the Kingdom has undergone quite a few changes. Over the next few weeks I’ll do my best to fill the gaps.